About Dentalways

Where can you find us?

Our dental practice has three locations:

  • Delft – Medisch Centrum Delft at the Beukenlaan
  • Delft – Bethelpark at the Nel van den Beltpad
  • Den Hoorn – Medisch Centrum at the Kon. Julianaplein

Reliable dental practice at three locations

Since 2008, Dentalways has been known as a reliable dental practice in Delft and its surroundings. We are a well-organized, modern, and independent practice. In order to provide high-quality dental care to more people in the region, we have recently expanded to three locations.

Dentalways started in 2008 on the third floor of the Medical Center located on the Beukenlaan in Delft. A beautiful spacious practice with comfortable treatment rooms.

The location in Den Hoorn previously owned by Dentist Monfrooij until 2021 is located on the second floor of the Health Center on the Kon. Julianplein . This is a small-scale, practice in the heart of the village.

In January 2024, our newest location in Delft was opened in the Bethelpark on the Nel van den Beltpad. In this modern building, located opposite the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, the trusted team is ready to welcome you as a new patient.

We have multiple locations, which means you can schedule appointments flexibly. If your trusted dentist at one location has limited availability, don’t hesitate to inquire about alternative options at our other locations.

Dentalways believes in prevention

A radiant smile begins with a healthy mouth. A healthy mouth is essential for healthy gums and fewer cavities, which in turn contributes to overall health. Our preventive approach goes beyond just dental cleaning. Dentalways helps and supports in keeping your teeth healthy and preventing oral health problems. This always involves providing personalized care and advice tailored to your unique dental health needs. Dentalways considers this as sustainable dental care with the ultimate goal: enjoying a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Special attention to babies and (young) children

Dentalways acknowledges that a healthy smile starts from the first tooth. Dentalways offers consultations for babies from 6 months, information evenings for young parents, and education at the childcare center. Essential information and useful tips are provided on topics such as weaning a child off a pacifier, proper brushing of a child’s teeth, and the impact of dietary habits on your child’s dental health.

For elementary school children, Dentalways has the “Just Healthy” program. With dental reports and fun informational cards, we help children sustainably maintain their dental health in a playful way.


Significantly fewer cavities

At Dentalways, you receive top-quality care at fair prices. In 2022, health insurer DSW determined that our patients have significantly fewer cavities per 100 patients than the national average, thanks to our focus on prevention. Furthermore, we are proud that the average costs at Dentalways for both adults and young patients is below the national average.

Latest technology in our practice

At Dentalways, we always strive for improvement and innovation to provide you with the best care. Our size allows us to work with the most advanced equipment, enabling us to take detailed X-rays and 3D scans to arrive at the correct diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan. Additionally, we have our own dental laboratory, where we can manufacture crowns in just one day.

Multiple specialties

In addition to advanced technologies, our practice offers a wide range of specialties, such as non-surgical periodontics, prevention (including dental cleaning), implantology, invisible braces, aesthetic/cosmetic treatments, and jaw physiotherapy. We strive to fulfill the dental needs of our patients in every possible way.

Room for emergencies and investing in knowledge

Our size allows us to offer extended opening hours and room for emergencies. Additionally, we can continue to invest in the knowledge and skills of our expert staff. At Dentalways, we are always here for you.

What sets Dentalways apart is that we have achieved our growth without being part of a large chain. Your care is always our highest priority.

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